Who Are The Mice?

In Gripes on March 13, 2009 at 5:57 am

Well, I figure if the calf is running away it’s at least smart enough to know that it is being chased.  Without a doubt, it’s knows that the 230 pound country bumpkin following on horseback isn’t just trying to give it a good scratch behind the ears.  Even as the cowboy’s rib cage lands on the animal’s fore shoulder at 25 miles per hour, arms wrestling its head 180 degrees around his body to pin it down for the tap out, it is likely the calf is more aware of the lunacy on display than you’ll ever be.

The truth is the steers in this rodeo are likely to suffer no pain – they are stout creatures equal in size to their handlers.  Regardless, I wonder why such a workaday, albeit necessary, ranch skill is a matter of public spectacle to 40,ooo enchanted onlookers.  Did they not learn from their 3 hour-a-day TV habit that humans long ago bested the steer?  Sure, the animal gets away sometimes but why only then should it be the roper that looks the fool? Yeah, I know, the competition isn’t between the cowboy and the calf, it’s between cowboy and cowboy.    So is this the original American form of reality TV – let’s see who can do stupid human tricks the fastest for a little coin?  One may ask why shoveling shit isn’t also on the program for the rodeo.  Presumably, these cowboys have cleaned out their share of stables.

This ain’t no animal rights rant – the cows make out better than the ropers or the watchers.  They’ll get a steady, healthy diet until the day they die while the cowboys will be lucky to make a buck for all their knee bustin’, back breaking work and you stuff your face with overpriced garbage that would make cows turn their noses up.  The rodeo, despite the spectacular examples of animal breeding, is just another circus where the supporting clowns wear stetsons and the main event is our appetite for inanity.

I wonder if cows can clap.


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